Serving the Northern Illinois University Community for over 50 years!

     NIU's Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences is home to a National Weather Service (NWS) Cooperative Weather Station. The DeKalb-NIU station has been operating on NIU grounds since 1966 (now located west of Anne Glidden Road near the Barasema Alumni Center).  Prior to that, the station operated in Sycamore (five miles northeast of DeKalb) from 1888-1965.  Combined, this represents a climate record that exceeds 115 years -- important in terms of understanding regional climate variability.

     The Coop operates three Davis weather stations that continually transmit data to the NWS and over 400 different user organizations through the Citizen Weather Observer Program.  In addition, daily observations of temperature (maximum and minimum), precipitation, snowfall, snow cover, soil temperatures, and evaporation (April 1 to October 31) are made by a student weather observer each day at 7 am, which are then transmitted to the NWS.

NIU Weather Phone

(815) 753-1623

Includes yesterday's climate information and the forecast for DeKalb and vicinity. Updated daily by 8 am.

Current Status:  The Coop supports three  Davis weather stations with one second updates. These stations work in tandem with the existing equipment at the Coop to provide weather and climate data to the public. The Coop also supports seven skycams that provide live views of campus weather conditions.

Latest Update: A new Davis weather station was installed atop Davis Hall during May 2018.